Welcome to Krilux Lighting

Your one stop shop for all of your lighting needs. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with a wide product range to choose from

If we can improve your home and office life, with the best lights in the game, then we know we’ve done our job.

With decades of experience in the lighting business, we have gained a lot of knowledge not only on the advantages, of specific lights, but also which lighting will work best for a specific area.

This is what sets us apart, we do not only provide lighting, but lighting which will work for you.

As a top lighting supplier, our mission is finding the best lighting for our clients.

Where quality is always better than quantity, we believe that by supplying the right lights to you, you will be able to experience your day in an improved way.

On top of this, we have agreed as a company that we will not work with any lighting businesses who are not focused on constant innovation and lighting advancement.

The reason for this is that we genuinely believe that as lighting and lighting technology gets better, so too will the quality of light and the impact on the environment.

With the focus of providing our clients with the best, Krilux hopes to add that finishing touch to your home, and your office.

This is something which will allow you to enjoy your space while making memories at the same time.

We supply a range of lighting, all the way from halogen lamps, to fluorescent lights and LEDs.

With dedication in finding the right lights, you can trust that we will supply you with long lasting quality. Take a trip through our website and browse through what we have to offer you