Halogen lights are a great choice simply because of the fact that they do so much with so little. If you’re looking for a light which packs a punch, then you should purchase this light.

. Krilux provides 12V halogen lights which has its uses for Chandeliers, wall lights and spotlights

Browse through our catalogue of halogen lights and pick the one for your needs.

Advantages Of Halogen Lights

  • Brightness

The main reason why halogen lights are popular is the fact that it is a clear light, which opens up a room and provides the right balance of colour.

It is great for use in open spaces where it illuminates large parts of the space

  • Compact

The size of the lights also makes it a huge bonus as they are relatively small. They are able to be put into spaces at angles which make them perfect for your spotlight needs.

Being small makes it convenient to install, as well as move if and when you decide to change up angles.

Krilux can offer you tips and tricks and how best to install your lights, maximising their potential.

  • Able To Be Dimmed

Having the ability to choose how much area you want to be lit up is a big advantage.  This is true when it comes to restaurant or home use, where lights are distracting if too bright.

These lights provide that feature where they can be dimmed to your requirements. These light levels will allow you to perfect the lighting in your space, adding to the aesthetic.

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